CSSConf Colombia 2021

Speaking about SVG Animations

Project 1

Medellín CSS

Workshop with tips about Figma for developers

Project 1



I am currently working as UX Engineer at Codely previously as Software Engineering Manager at Holaluz. I have collaborated in the organization of several technological events for women with AdaJS, and has been a speaker and co-host at WeCodeSign podcast. Teaching design for developers at Lemoncode's Master FrontEnd. I'm a big fan of creative coding and SVG animations. Lovin' mix code & design ♥.

Want to ask me any question? 😊 The quickest way to reach out to me is via an email.

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Google Developer Expert

Last November I become a Google Developer Expert in Web technologies with CSS and runtime performance. Also, I'm in the Road to become GDE program as a mentor.

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I'm proudly a Figma community Advocate 🥑 co-hosting Friends of Figma Barcelona chapter. Check out our lastest videos and upcoming talks at Youtube, and follow us on Twitter.

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